Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hi all!

Okay, since I decided to really go forward with trying to promote my TpT products, I also decided to become a premium seller. The benefits of being a premium seller is that there are no transaction fees, which are $0.30 every sale if your aren't premium, and you get 85% royalties where you only get 60% if you aren't premium. It only costs around $65 for the year which isn't too bad. I'm hoping that this helps me earn more money.

I wanted to also give an update on how things have been for my TpT store since I created a facebook page, a blog, and an instagram. I am now up to 18 followers for my store. I only started with 5 before I created all of this. Getting my facebook, instagram, and blog out there is hard though. I only have 10 facebook likes and 17 instagram followers. I also only have one follower on here. I keep using the Teachers Pay Teachers forum to try and spread the word about my store and all of my sites.

I was very excited to wake up this morning and see that one of my products sold when I was sleeping! That is always great!

Sunday, I posted a new product, polynomial investigation. I started it with my students yesterday and, so far so good. I will post an update toward the end of the week about how I used the product and how it went!

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